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Schools and Departments

XAFA now has 27 undergraduate majors and 15 undergraduate teaching departments (faculties) including Chinese Painting Department, Oil Painting Department, Printmaking Department, Sculpture Department, Public Art Department, Design Department, Environmental Architecture Department, Fashion Design Department, Experimental Arts Department, Art History & Criticism Department, Film, Photography & Animation Department, Arts Education Institute, Basic Education Department, Plastic Arts Department and Special Education Arts Institute  as well as 50 specialty direction studios (teaching and research offices). XAFA also has 13 research institutions including Adult Education College, Affiliated Secondary Fine Arts School, Shaanxi Province Primary School Teacher Training Center and other teaching institutions and Art Research Institute, Research Institute of Loess Painting School, Figurative Painting Art Research Center, Cultural Origin Institute, Chinese Art and Archeology Research Center, Higher Education Research Center, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts China Western Oil Painting Art Research Center, Western Schools of Painting (Chang'an School of Painting, Loess Painting School) Research Collaborative Innovation Center, Information Art and Product Design Collaborative Innovation Center, Art Creation Teaching Center, Contemporary Art Education Research Center, Silk Road Art Research Center and Liu Wenxi Art Research Center. XAFA has a library, western art museum, art museum and other institutions. And it now has the right to grant a doctoral degree in such three grade one disciplines as artistic theory, fine arts and design, and to grant a master’s degree in grade one disciplines and to grant degree in Master of Arts (MFA); it is also qualified to cultivate college teachers in-service studying for Master's Degree and has the right to grant a master degree to those bachelor equivalent applying for master degree. It is among the first batch of units authorized to grant master degree (1981) and the ninth batch of units authorized to grant doctoral degree (2003) approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. In 2007, XAFA achieved “excellent” in the undergraduate teaching evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education. In 2011 XAFA was listed as one of 11 high-level and distinctive key construction universities of Shaanxi Province. In 2014, XAFA was approved to set up a center for art post-doctoral studies.

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